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Walking London Guided Tour, 2-4 Hours £250

london walking tours

For most of London’s long history, walking has been the most popular method of travel. A walking tour takes you where the cars don’t go, so we can show you some of London’s secrets. There are back streets filled with quaint shops to browse, the Royal Parks, the squares, the shortcuts and the riverbanks to enjoy.

In the City (London’s financial district) you see a true contrast of ancient and new. The tiny backstreets have names like Milk Street, Bread Street and Pudding Lane (where the Great Fire began in 1666), while towering over you are some of the world’s most architecturally ambitious skyscrapers.

Active families and business visitors have all enjoyed our walking tours.

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Walking £250

  • 2-4 hour tour
  • Go where the cars can’t go
  • Experience London!


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